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2020 Something New Summer Camps

Please check back weekly as additional sessions are being added as more becomes known about the region's COVID 19 regulations.

All registrations will be 100% refunded if programs are unable to be held due to COVID restrictions.

$25 registration deposit saves your spot and is nonrefundable unless program is not held.

Our Theatre Summer Programs are "Something New" that you might not be used to.  Rather than a pay to play musical where your child may well end up as tree #4 in one scene with performers twice their age, we focus on the true art of the theatre and making every student shine.  This is not an easy program; but, your child will gain more knowledge of what it takes to put on a live theatrical production than they have ever gained.  Why?  Because they will be doing it all.  From acting to set building and costume design to marketing their show the KIDS take 100% ownership of their production.  We have no leads, just those who lead the way.

Summer programs run 9am-4pm Monday through Friday and the day is divided between learning theatrical concepts through games, activities and projects and show rehearsal.  We believe that too many "pay to play" theatre programs have become little more than a pageant that allows doting parents an opportunity to brag about their "big star" on social media.  Many of these programs do little to further the theatrical skill set of the child and can turn the child off from theatre as they may not see the importance of their contribution.  Our limited capacity of 15 or less is too small for cliques and at the end of the production every participant will be proud of their wide ranging contributions to the show, not just their big solo.

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Everything PUPPETS! (and improv)

Ages 8-17

July 11 - July 18 

9am-4pm, Saturday - Saturday

SPACE IS LIMITED to 10 students

During this one week summer program, participants will dive into the wild world of puppets and build their own high quality foam puppet!

We will explore the medium of puppetry, from shadows to socks to Muppets and experiment with all types.  Participants will learn proper puppetry technique and learn to develop a personality for each puppet that they work with.

Along the way, participants will build their own high quality foam puppet (think Muppets, but smaller and simpler) to keep.  The two week session will end with a class written improvised puppet show performed for friends and family.

Registration : $225

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Vocal Audition Intensive Bootcamp

AGES   9 - Adult

July 20 - July 21 

1pm - 4pm, Monday and Tuesday

SPACE IS LIMITED to 5 students

This intensive two day workshop will get you out of isolation mode and ready for auditions.  You will work both with our vocal instructor and acting team to hone your audition pieces for upcoming auditions and gain the confidence needed to nail it in front of the director.  

Participants should bring at least two audition songs and at least two contrasting monologues to work with during the session.  As an added benefit, you will receive a digital recording of your perfected song and monologue to add to your reel.

Registration : $175

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Creative Kids Art Camp!  (Ages 8-12)

July 22- July 24 

1pm - 5pm, Wednesday-Friday

SPACE IS LIMITED to 10 students

Our camp is designed for budding young artists to explore expressing themselves creatively in an exciting variety of media. As they build their skills in our small group classes they will learn how to use a variety of art materials in new and different ways!

Each day at art camp, our teaching-artists guide participants through various mediums, such as: acrylic painting, drawing, mixed media, mosaics, tie-dye, watercolor, and more!

Each day is filled with fun, engaging projects and allows time for 1-2 projects per day. 

"Every child is an artist" Picasso

Registration : $99

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Murder Mystery and Improvization Ages 9-16

July 27 - August 1 

10am-3pm, Monday - Friday (performance date TBD one evening the following week.)

SPACE IS LIMITED to 7 students

During this one week summer program, participants will get an introduction to long form improvisation and then write and perform their own interactive murder mystery dinner show to perform at a local restaurant!

We will learn how not all theatrical productions need to be fully scripted and that the "improv games" often taught in theatre classes are so much more useful that just as a warm-up.

Participants will explore what makes a great story and then create their own murder mystery dinner show to be performed for friends and family at a local partner restaurant.  While the story will be crafted by the participants, the performance will be fully improvised and audience interactive.

Registration : $175

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