Welcome to Spring on Stage!

Thank you all for joining us for Something New Studio Drama Club's presentation of Spring on Stage!  We are all so excited to show you what we have been working on for the past few months.  In a world that has been so far from normal for so many for so long we are thrilled that our group has been able to bring a slight bit of normalcy back to life.  Through even the most challenging of rehearsals we all came together to know that we were creating something bigger than each of us.  Building our own community that we are thrilled to share with you today.

Oscar Wilde, the playwright of one of our shows today regarded theatre as "the greatest of all art forms and the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being."  How fitting this quote has become in today's world.  

We encourage you to sit back, relax and enjoy our reminder of what it is to be a human being.

The Shows

You Oughta Be In Pictures

by Elizabeth Raposa

Presented Courtesy of DramaNotebook.com 

Lana - Lacey Greene

Bette - Briya Venter

Felix Drimple - Sam Brookshire

Out on a Limb

by Peter J Stavros

Presented Courtesy of DramaNotebook.com 

Yammy Cat- Porter Bishop

Hammy Cat- Kylie Quinlan

He Who Speaks

by Starry Krueger

Presented Courtesy of DramaNotebook.com 

Granny - Briya Venter

Omar - Sam Brookshire

Voice A - Kylie Quinlan

Voice B - Porter Bishop

Voice C - Lacey Greene

The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde

Adapted by Gary Peterson

Presented by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama

Algernon Moncrief - Bryce Ginther

Lane/Merriman - Briya Venter

Jack Worthing - Bennett Aldrich

Lady Augusta Bracknell - Camilla Hunt

Gwendolen Fairfax - Madeline Walker

Miss Violet Prism - Kylie Quinlan

Celily Cardew - Kayla Meyer

Rev. Chasuble  - Jace Ellis

There will be a 10 minute intermission between He Who Speaks and The Importance of Being Ernest

Quick set changes between You Oughta Be In Pictures, Out on a Limb and He Who Speaks as well as between acts of Earnest will be done without an intermission.  Please remain seated during these brief transitions.

The Cast

Bennett Aldrich

Bennett (Jack Worthing) is a sixth grader. His favorite past role was Mr. Green in Clue. He's a competitive swimmer and enjoys woodworking, sewing, playing piano, and Lego. He would like to become a commercial pilot. Bennett would like to thank the cast, Mr. Jim, and Mrs. Kristy for all their support!

Porter Bishop

Porter (Voice B, Yammy Cat) is a 3rd grader at Sorrento Elementary School. He started acting last year with several roles in Clue, and it has quickly become one of his favorite things to do. Other favorite things include Pokémon, soccer, and reading anything he can get his hands on. Porter is very excited to be performing today, and would would like to thank everyone for coming out to support him!

Sam Brookshire

Sam (Felix, Omar) is a 4th grader at Seminole Springs Elementary School. This will be his first theater role, but he would love to attempt many more! He hopes to one day become an educator or engineer. His favorite school subject is mathematics, and in his free time he is in his fourth year of Cub Scouts and enjoys art, writing, nature hikes and video games. Sam would like to thank his grandparents for giving him the gift of Drama Club for Christmas and all his family for being here today!

Jace Ellis

Jace (Reverend Chausible) is a 5th grader at Sorrento Elementary School. His first role last fall as Colonial Mustard in CLUE was so much fun. He is moving onto Middle School next year and has plans to join the band and audition for the jazz band. When he grows up he wants to be a video game coder and creator. In his spare time he enjoys playing video games, watching YouTube, reading about American History, and having quality time with his family. Jace would like to thank Mr. Jim and family for warmly welcoming him into the "Something New Studio" family while also helping him to learn new skills and self confidence on and off stage. It's been so fun!

Lacey Greene

Lacey Greene (Lana, Voice C) is a 4th grader at Triangle Elementary School. This is Lacey's first time being part of a drama play, she hopes to be an actress one day. She also enjoys dancing, writing, and tubing on the lake with her dad.

Bryce Ginther

Bryce (Algernon Moncrieff) is a 13 year old 7th grader. Some past rolls include Mayor in Seussical the Musical Jr. & Professor Plum in Clue. He aspires to be an entrepreneur that makes useful products for people to use. In his spare time he enjoys playing games with his friends, singing, playing piano and tuba. He would like to thank his family, fellow cast members and Jim for helping him through the journey of this production.

Camilla Hunt

Camilla (Lady Bracknell) is a 7th grader, homeschooled through Abeka Academy. She has played the role of Doodles in The Man From Planet 52 and Shanky Sue in Treasure Island; both performed at Penobscot Theater in Bangor, Maine. One day she would like to go to Yale. In her spare time she likes to sketch, listen to music, paint her nails, and play baseball. One of her inspirations is Dove Cameron, because she taught her how to be herself and never let anyone get in the way of her dreams.

Kayla Meyer

Kayla (Cecily Cardew) is a 6th grader that loves acting. Favorite past roles include The Singing Telegram Girl in Clue, Elmer in The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever, and Doreen Driggles/Oompa Loompa in James & the Giant Peach. In her free time, she enjoys reading, aerial silks, and writing her own stories. Kayla would like to give thanks to her family for encouraging her, the cast for bringing fun to the play, and her director, Mr. Jim, for giving her a chance to show her talent.

Kylie Quinlan

Kylie (Miss Prism, Voice A, Hammy Cat) is a 4th grader at Sorrento Elementary School. Favorite past roles include Miss Scarlett in Clue, Young Belle in A Christmas Carol and Cindy Lou Who in Sussical. She hopes to one day become a Marine Biologist and in her spare time enjoys swimming, STEM and climbing trees! Kylie would like to thank all of her friends and family for supporting her and the cast mates for making this production so much fun!

Bryia Venter

Briya (Lane/Merriman, Granny, Bette) is fifteen years old and is homeschooled with Classical Conversations where she is currently in 9th grade.  She was born in Miami, Florida but was raised travelling around the world.  Reading, writing, and travelling are her passions.  Briya is a new actress and drama class has pushed her out of her comfort zone, daring her to try new things.

Madeline Walker

Madeline (Gwendolen Faifax), known as Maddie, is an on only child and 11 years old. She has been doing theatre for 4 years at Bay Street Players and started at Something New Studio a year ago. She loves acting, skateboarding, and painting. Her favorite roles were Curly in Peter Pan Jr and Gwendolen in the Importance of Being Earnest.



Production Team 

Director - Jim Quinlan

Set Design - Kristy Quinlan

Costumer - Debra Cabrera

Sound - Alex Quinlan

Set Construction - Kristy Quinlan, Claudiann Paull, Kylie Quinlan

Special Thanks!

Showtime USA

Melon Patch Players

BSP Young People's Theatre

Ben Long

Chasteen Mullins

Tom Young

Sharon Nault

All of our parents and families for your contributions to props and sets.

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