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2021 Spring Break Camps

Two Programs, One Week!

During Lake County Schools Spring Break week, we will be offering TWO different camps for the kiddos!

Improv Performance Camp

Mon-Fri  (Full Week Program)


Ages 9+ (suggested age)


This program uses the tenets of improv like agreement, listening, and emotions to teach kids basic life skills. It gets them out of their heads and active while showing them new ways they can work with, learn from, and support each other. 

This program teaches the building blocks of basic improv and introduces kids to the fundamental aspects performance all disguised as a hilariously fun time. The games and exercises develop emotional intelligence while building self confidence. The focus here is put on physical expression as well as verbal communication. The kids will learn how to work on a big project and have fun with others.

Students will be led through basic improv exercises and games as well as learn to create simple improvised scenes. These are meant to be fun and focus on communication and teamwork. Kids will work on being a good ensemble member as well as developing their individual skills.

The camp program wraps up with a showcase performance for friends and family on Friday evening at the Ferran Park Bandshell in Eustis. (Optional)



Try Something New Camp!

Mon-Fri  (Individual Days)


Ages 7+

  $39 per day

Join us for an entire week of trying SOMETHING NEW or pick only the days you'd like to try.  This program gives participants the opportunity to try something new every day of the week in a no pressure environment.  Who knows, they may just find their next passion!

Monday - CLOSED

All the World's a Stage - Intro to theatre, drama & acting

Tuesday - CLOSED

Crafty Kids - A variety of craft projects that participants will have a blast creating and keep forever!  (Projects may include : bead necklaces, tie dye shirts, suncatchers, paper lanterns, candles or other unique treasures.)

Wednesday - CLOSED

Salsa and Salsa - Dancing and cooking?  What could be more fun?!?  A truly unique day where participants will learn the basics of salsa dancing and then also make their own unique salsa to enjoy with chips and take home!


Paint Like Picasso! - Learn to summon your inner Picasso or Bob Ross as your young artists are guided by our professional instructor to paint their own masterpieces in an afternoon of paint projects.

Friday - CLOSED

A Juggling Act - That's right!  Juggling!  We promise we won't be using chainsaws like they do in the circus; but, participants will learn, practice and hopefully master  the art of juggling and learn a bit of the brain science behind it!  Juggling builds hand-eye coordination in ways that improve reaction time, reflexes, spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and concentration. This helps improve confidence as well as athletic ability. It may, if juggling enthusiasts are to be believed, even promote reading skills.  

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