Good evening residents of Rusty Acres.  As you are aware, your Trailer Park Association President has been murdered in cold blood.  As resources are slim in Appleknocker, we need your help to solve this crime.  We have determined that the killer acted alone and that it is one of the four suspects that have been introduced to you this evening.  Examine the physical evidence and question the suspects thoroughly.   Thank you for your help. 

Photo of the crime scene. Blanche pinned to the tree outside her trailer.

Minutes from previous RATS meeting.

Photo that victim presented to board of Mr. Twinkrat's yard

We have had run ins with several residents.

Click to listen to voicemail from

 Kara-Jo to Mr. Weinerbottom

Weinerbottom Homes Brochure

Eviction Notice on Ms. Pinkley's Trailer

Letter to Blanche

Mr. McGill's photo collection returned to him by the victim. One missing photo

Is this the missing photo? Found on the ground outside the community center.