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Ms. Prissy Ashcroft - Founder

Ms Ashcroft began her career in Hollywood as assistant to the right hand man of the manager of the assistant director's dressing room on the WORLD FAMOUS Montel Williams Show in 1990.

Her talent was quickly appreciated and she rose through the ranks of the Hollywood scene.  

In 1991, Prissy began the Ashcroft Agency with her first client, Claire Voyant - Psychic to the stars.  Prissy toured the world, with Claire, entertaining audiences from Sheboygan to Peoria.  Wherever a crowd could gather, the two could be found.  

Claire has since taken even bigger and more famous clients always advocating for their success.

If you have any talent whatsoever, Prissy can make you a star too.  Please contact us to learn about our retainer programs.   

When you pay prissy, you come next!

Check Out Our FAMOUS Clients

Oprah Winfrey

At a recent awards show, Prissy met with and became the agent of Martin Sailsbury, cue card holder on the Oprah show.

Martin can sing, dance somewhat, and can perform a range of 3-6 characters when acting.

Contact us today to book Martin!

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Felix Obraff

Felix is the leading Johnny Depp impersonator in the lower part of the Florida peninsula.

Although fired from Disney for repeatedly cursing at guests and asking them to feel his sword, Felix's impression of Depp as Jack Sparrow is spot on.  He also does a great Edward Scissorhands when holding a pair of scissors.  

Book Martin today for your pirate or pruning needs!  

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Dave Braggs

The Ashcroft Agency is proud to announce it's new partnership with Dave Braggs and Netflix.

Braggs, expert in the paranormal and ghost hunting, will premier his new docudrama "Scared Ghost and Mrs. King" on Netflix this winter.

Prissy Ashcroft herself negotiated this contract and is proud of Dave's accomplishments.  The couple were recently engaged and will show great success together in the future.

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