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Add a little MURDER to your life!

Let our talented team entertain you like never before!  We offer a variety of professional murder mystery options for your next gathering, either in person or virtually!  No matter if you are looking for a girls night out, a socially distant evening of fun or a corporate event our team has the murder for you!

Private Events         Corporate Events        Public Venues

Great entertainment for holiday parties!

Interactive Murder Mystery Performance

Our traditional Murder Mystery Evening held either in our studio or at your location.  Colorful characters all with motive, means and opportunity set the scene where YOU become the detective.  Can you figure out who dunnit?

Virtual Interactive Murder Mystery Performance

The world's first fully interactive LIVE VIRTUAL murder mystery!  Where improv comedy meets murder mystery and you are in the middle of it.

Join us each Friday for the $5 Murders, our live streaming murder mysteries.  Free to watch on our Facebook Page and only $5.00 to be a part of the fun!  Paid guests will join the characters via Zoom and can interact with the cast and each other in an effort to solve the crime.

Hosted Murder Mystery Parties

Get together a group of your friend and let us bring the murder to you LIVE.  In person or virtually!

Your PRIVATE murder mystery party played either in person or via Zoom web conference. You and your friends are the suspects!  We provide the themed story line,  character information and all of the evidence necessary to have you and your guests assume the roles in a story where at least one of you is a murderer!  Guests dress up and escape for an evening of hilarious murder 

Our professional actor-detective joins the party to facilitate the fun and ensure that the evening runs smoothly while all of the story gets told.


Party with friends next door or across the world!

Custom Murder Mystery and Corporate Events

Killing people is our specialty and we would love to plan a murder for you!  Would you like a murder mystery written about you and your friends?  Are you a corporate organization that would like to include targeted learning outcomes in a corporate event?  

We can make it happen.  Live or virtual!

Reach out and let us create the perfect murder for you!

What our customers are saying

My friends and I did the $5 Murder Mystery Zoom as a virtual girls night. It was so much fun! I was so impressed by the script. It had us laughing, and it was every bit as entertaining as a murder mystery dinner show we went to in Orlando that typically charges $60 per person. I would definitely recommend Something New Studio's murder mystery show to my friends!

Rachael W. - Mt. Dora, FL

GREAT JOB!  Absolutely loved the game!

Matthew L. - Greenville, NC