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West Egg Police Department

Evidence in the Murder of Greta Graspme

Thank you for your help detectives.  This case certainly has taken some twists and turns.  Here's hoping that you can make some sense of this mess.  We know for sure that someone paid Alderman Eagerly's bodyguard to KILL Greta.  However we are not sure who or why they did it.  Examine the evidence below.  Question the suspects and together we can solve this horrific murder.

The body of the murderer.

Revealed as Alderman Eagerly's Bodyguard

The knife that killed Greta

Contract between Rutherford and Melba

Contents of Greta's handbag

Newspaper clipping written by "Victor" Sinclair

Newspaper clipping by V Sinclair

Redacted Birth Certificate with Melba as a mother

Society Page Article by Virginia Sinclair

Melba and Edger leaving the hotel together

Bodyguard was holding this when he died.