Welcome Detectives

Thank you for assisting the department with this gruesome murder.  As you know, Grandma Phyllis Finch is dead.  She wandered out of the home at 123 Holly Lane after consuming too much egg nog to return to the Finch's rental house to take her medication.  Initial cause of death was assumed to be accident by automobile, but coroner investigation shows that Grandma was dead before she was run over by said vehicle.  Below is the evidence that we have collected from this evening as well as documents from Interpol files that may be relevant to the case .  We hope you can make some sense of it all in time to get home and leave cookies out for Santa.

123 Holly Ln.  Scene of the Crime

Two different angles of the Crime Scene.

Birthday card given to Noel from Grandma.

Divorce Papers Given to Stephen from Monica

A page from Grandma's Diary

Grandma and Noel's Bank Passbook

Grandma and Noel's Bank Account Passbook

DOJ File, Sam Milner

Noel's Christmas Wishes

Grandma got run over reading...

Grandma's Email

Grandmas letters from jail pen pals