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Case : 90210   Victim : Lincoln, Samantha  (Jefferson, Chloe)

Good day detectives.  We thank you for your assistance in this matter.  As you all know, Samantha Lincoln was found murdered in the dressing room this afternoon with a yellow... fashion accessory strangling her to death.  Below is the evidence that we have collected in this case for your review.  Good Lick.  We hope you can help solve this vicious crime.

Crime Scene Photo : Victim found strangled in dressing room

Photo of "trash suit" made by Sam in high school that lead to her ousting from that school. Joana was disguising this as her press pass in her hat.

Bank notice found on TP Brown

This photo collage found on Sylvie Kenzington.  Click each photo for a closer look.

Necklaces found on Victim and Autumn Jefferson

Interior of above necklaces

Enlarged and enhanced locket photo

Search History from Autumn's phone.

Search history from Autumn's phone

Access badges from tonight's event