Spring 2023 Drama Clubs

Running Late January - April 2023

Wednesday and Thursday afternoon/evening

Eustis Community Center and Eustis Woman's Club

Grades K-12 

Program day/time/location based on age and listed below.

In partnership with the City of Eustis Parks and Recreation Dept, we are excited to announce out Fall 2022 Drama Club!

The Something New Drama Club is not your everyday "pay to play" children's production where you big bucks for your child to take a role as "tree #4!  Our program focuses on developing the skills of the actor and exposing kids to all aspects of a theatrical production.  This boutique style drama club is limited in number of participants and all shows presented are truly ensemble shows where your child will shine in the spotlight.  While our shows are smaller in scale than many other programs out there, the experience that your child will have is second to none; and, the theatrical skills that they will develop are not found in other programs!

Our shows are all intimate plays that focus on truly diving into the characters, settings, time periods and relationships shown on the stage.    The material and instruction challenges young actors to work to develop their craft.  Through theatrical games, exercises, research and rehearsal participants learn both basic and advance acting technique all disguised as sessions of fun!

In addition, the participants handle all elements of the production, from acting to set design, sound to lighting.  

In all aspects, participants are coached by working theatre professionals, SAG and AEA members and educators.  Our goal is to help your child find their voice in the theatre in whatever capacity that may be.

Age/Ability Specific Programs Ensure Your Child Shines


Grades K/PK - 3

Wednesday 2:45pm-3:45pm

Eustis Community Center


My First Drama Club is for kiddos in grades K/PK – 3.

Some reading ability is highly encouraged but not required. Participants will

focus on an introduction to theatre through creative play, music, movement and

imagination! Program culminates with a showcase performance for parents and

family at the end of the session. This program will be 100% tailored to the

abilities of the participants. Showcase performance at end of program.

Limit 10 participants. $149


Grades 4 - 9 


Wednesday 4pm - 6pm, Eustis Community Center

Thursday 4pm - 6pm, Eustis Woman's Club


Join Peter Pan,

Wendy Darling, Captain Hook and your favorite Neverland characters in this

unique adaptation of a childhood favorite. Part comedy, part drama this

adaptation draws closely from JM Barrie’s original story. Participants will tap

into their knowledge of these familiar characters while being challenged to make

the story their own. Performance weekend of 4/21.

Limit 12 Participants

Click here to watch a video of this production

(Script coming soon)



Wednesday 6pm - 8pm, Eustis Community Center

Thursday 6pm - 8pm, Eustis Woman's Club


The Lizzie Borden case is without parallel in the criminal history of America, and

it divided public opinion as no murder trial had ever done. Did the strong-willed,

intelligent Lizzie dispatch her father and stepmother with an axe one fateful

August morning, or was she the innocent victim of circumstance? The

fascinating cast of characters are each involved, in some way, with the

tragedy. It’s a drama, mystery, suspense-thriller that will keep the audience

guessing right up to the final scene.. This show will challenge even our most

seasoned performers to push themselves father than they ever imagined!

NOTE: This production is intended for our most serious young actors as they will truly be challenged by the material, demands of the production and intense characterization including research on the Lizzie Bordon story and their character.  The final product is sure to be AWESOME and something at a caliber well above their young years!  Therefore, an audition is required.  Once registered, participants will need to submit a video audition of a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue that showcases their abilities.  Instructions on how to submit a video audition will be emailed to you once registered.  (As video submissions are largely the norm in the professional theatre circuit there will NOT be an opportunity to audition on person.)

Performance weekend of 4/21. Limit 15 Participants. $249

Click here to read the script

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Through City of Eustis

Parks and Rec

What does the Something New Drama Club look like?

Fun, friends, learning and creating!

What our customers are saying

My daughter has learned so much at Something New Studio and accomplished more than I could have imagined!  Jim and his team have stretched these kids imaginations further than I had thought possible.  It's great to see their finished product and know that they 100% created it from nothing.

Mike, Mt. Dora

Kylie loved the weekly paint classes.  Lindsey does an amazing job of making sure that each child is proud of their work and happy with the results!  To top it off it is actually fun for the kids!

Claudi, Tavares