Capital City Police

Case 78-H00001

Thank you for your help detectives.  Tonight, Gigi Hughes-Winkler was found shot dead in her office with gunshot wounds to her chest.  Overall the office was fairly clean but there was a spilled adult beverage and several papers and notebooks from her desk thrown on the floor. In addition several sets of her clothing and her fur shawl were found tossed on her sofa.  Below is the evidence we have collected so far.  I hope you can make some sense out of it all.

Polaroid of the crime scene.  Gigi shot dead.

Photo taken by Andy of Gigi.  Sheila claimed that the boots Gigi is wearing were her stolen lucky boots.

A confidential informant told us that Mr. Nardo may be at the party this evening.  Please report any sightings to local authorities. 

Photo Album - Gift from Andy to Gigi

Photo from album

Photo from album

Photo from album

Articles regarding deaths of band members

Handgun known to be owned by Gigi Hughes-Winkler.  The gun is missing. 

Surveillance photo from Capital City Vice Unit. 

Contracts being signed this evening by Tito Machismo.

Calendar purchased from Clive the Coat Man