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Something New Studio


Lake County, FL

Hot Happenings!

Till Death do us Part

An Interactive Waterfront Murder Mystery Dinner!

Wednesday, October 20th

6:30pm (doors open 6:10pm)

Fish Camp on Lake Eustis

4901 Lake Shore Blvd.  Tavares, FL

'Till Death Do Us Part

The Gorey-Butcher Wedding is sure to be an event to remember!

Karen Gorey and Gregory Butcher have been planning this big day since well before the pandemic forced them to put things on hold. This day of wedding bliss has been years in the making, ever since Karen met Gregory when Bruce, Gregory's brother, stood Karen up for a date that they had planned.

Now bygones are bygones and Karen and Gregory have fallen deeply in... like. They are extremely comfortable with each other and since everyone is expecting them to get married, they might as well.

YOU, their family and friends, are invited to be a part of this... special... day. And while no one is really excited about the marriage we can rest easy knowing that at last it will be done. That is... unless something goes wrong... 

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Bed Down at the Bad Box Saloon

An Immersive Murder Mystery Dinner Experience!


Thursday November 4th, 6:30pm (doors open 6:10pm)

Bloodhound Brew Pub & Eatery

5801 Conroy Rd, Orlando

Bed Down at the Bad Box Saloon

The irony in the town of Lawsberg is that there is no law. Settled 10 years ago in 1866 as an oasis for those looking to move to a simpler life in the not so wild west, Lawsberg has never had the need for a Sherriff, deputy, or any other police service. That is until the last few months. In three months the crime rate has skyrocketed. Livestock stolen from barns in the middle of the night, church going old ladies pick pocketed while crossing the only street in town, and rumors of a secret brothel existing in town. This peaceful mecca has been rocked to the core.

Mayor Skip Tumelew, the town’s second mayor and town elder, is determined to get to the bottom of the town’s change of ways. On this Founder’s Day Mayor Tumelew has a special surprise for the people of Lawsberg. The entire town has been invited to the Bad Box Saloon for the annual Founder’s Day feast and dance. However at this dance, the Mayor will be announcing that notorious lawman Buck Silver will be taking on the role of the town’s first Sheriff in order to impose law and order once and for all.

However before Buck can be sworn into office someone is murdered in cold blood! Is it too late for this sheriff to save this town?

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A Risky Business

A TOTALLY 80's Murder Mystery!

Wednesday November 17th

6:30pm (doors open 6:10pm)

Fish Camp on Lake Eustis

901 Lake Shore Blvd. Tavares, FL

A Risky Business

Xavier Robertson, the CEO of AllFun Toys, has invited the movers and shakers of the Toy Industry and press to the reveal of what he is sure will be the hottest toy of 1986. The Cabbage Head Kid doll. The first in his line of “toy fusion” products, the Cabbage Head Kid will revolutionize the toy market and is sure to be on the top of every child’s Christmas list this year. Parents will also love this line of toys as they are true budget savers, combining the best elements from other top toys at a significant savings. However, not everyone is impressed by Xavier’s big idea and the Cabbage Head Kids launch may not be as totally tubular as planned…

Join us for a throwback to the 80's complete with yuppies, big hair, leg warmers and zipper jackets on a night that someone will not survive to see the fall of the Berlin Wall!

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Dr. Grimley's Haunted Trail

Catch our team performing every Friday and Saturday during October at 

Dr. Grimley's Haunted Trail 

Sunsational Farms in Umatilla, FL

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FALL 2021 Drama Club!

Returning Friends... It's time to register!

Register for our Fall Drama Club today!  Early registration is open for returning friends.  

$229 tuition is NOT due now.

Mid October - Mid December

Ages 7+

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About Us

Offering Eustis and the surrounding areas the opportunity to "try something new" in the arts, our studio space will offer classes and workshops for you to explore your unknown passions.  In addition we will provide rehearsal space for performance troupes.

Homeschool Theatre Program

Theatre Classes and Camps

Voice and Instrumental Lessons

Unique Dance Classes


Puppetry Workshops


Sip and Paint

Historic Ghost Tours


Something New Studio is located at 117 N. Bay Street in Eustis, FL. A long time dream of owner Jim Quinlan who wants to bring experiences in all arts to those who may not have tried them otherwise.

The business formed in January 2020 and signed a lease for an a absolutely perfect space in the historic district of downtown Eustis in February 2020. We quickly began build out of our theatre and dance space in order to use it to support many arts related program and give the community an opportunity to learn AND teach Something New. The excitement built quickly as we formed partnership with The Historic State Theatre, Showtime USA and other local creatives. We looked forward to sharing everyone’s talents with a projected opening date of April 1st!

Enter a global pandemic... Just weeks before our Studio was set to open with a calendar of classes Covid-19 was sprung on the nation and our plan to bring groups of people together for the love of the arts needed to be put on hold.

As restrictions eased and we learned how to be safe in this new world we found new and exciting ways to bring the arts to our community.  From our many different introductory classes and programs to our troupe of professional actors we bring the arts alive!


Our Partners!